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The RF4RM scumbags finally chime in and dissect the internet-shattering announcement that Ben Affleck will be donning the cowl as the silver screen's next Batman. They also celebrate the release of The World's End and look back on the entire Cornetto Trilogy.

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In this episode, the RF4RM crew review the new trailers for the Japanese version of Unforgiven and Muppets Most Wanted. They then roundtable Lee Daniels' The Butler and Kick Ass 2 and finish up by recommending some of their favorite movie anti-heroes.

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The RF4RM scumbags are back! Andy, Roman, Jamie, and Leroy dive back in by dissecting the new trailers for The Monuments Men, Her, and The Counselor. They also take a trip to Elysium and examine the newest work of original sci-fi from director Neill Blomkamp.

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The dynamic duo of Andy and Roman take on the latest in Fox's long-running X-franchise: The Wolverine. They also discuss the trailers for 47 Ronin and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty along with discussing the current state of the blockbuster landscape.

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