Real Fans 4 Real Movies (RF4RM) Podcast

Join the RF4RM scumbags along with special guest Paul Shirey as they recap the highlights of Comic Con. Then stick around to hear them celebrate the release of The Conjuring and some of their favorite supernatural horror films.

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Join the RF4RM crew on this special episode dedicated to the news from Comic Con that Superman and Batman will finally be sharing the silver screen in 2015. There is geeky speculation, discussion, and even a wish list for which actor should be the next to don Batman's cape and cowl.

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Join the RF4RM crew as they marvel at the epic robot/monster action in Guillermo Del Toro's Pacific Rim. They also take a look at the new trailers for Saving Mr. Banks and Oldboy, give a sneak peak of Fruitvale Station, and recommend some of their favorite giant monster movies.

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This week, the RF4RM crew play catch up by discussing the new trailers for Jobs and The Boxtrolls, review The Heat and The Lone Ranger, and recommend some of their favorite buddy films.

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It's Independence Day and what better time to look back on the very first summer blockbuster: Steven Spielberg's classic Jaws! Join the RF4RM crew as they travel back to Amity Island and look back at this immortal film. They also chime in on the planned Terminator reboot, all the news around the current Spider-man franchise, and their favorite patriotic films for the 4th of July.

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