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This week the Real Fans celebrate and recommend their favorite animated holiday specials, both popular and random.

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Return to Middle Earth with the Real Fans as they celebrate and discuss The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. They also take the time to chime in on the casting of Wonder Woman for Batman vs. Superman and the new trailers for The Amazing Spider-man 2, Godzilla, and Edge of Tomorrow.

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It's the holiday season and the Real Fans dedicate this episode to recommending some of their favorite Christmas films of all time. Happy Holidays from RF4RM!

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On this episode, the Real Fans celebrate the release of the latest installment of The Hunger Games. They also provide a quick review of Disney's Frozen, discuss the trailers for Noah and Maleficent, and recommend their favorite Thanksgiving films.

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The Real Fans are back in time to celebrate the God of Thunder's return to the screen in Thor: The Dark World. They also chime in on the new trailers for X-Men: Days of Future Past and Captain America: The Winter Soldier and recommend some of their favorite Marvel films.

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Real Fans Andy and Jamie are back to celebrate John Carpenter's horror masterpiece Halloween and debate the merits of Rob Zombie's 2007 remake. They also recommend their favorite Halloween sequels. Beware! This could get scary.

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This week, the Real Fans get lost in space with the surprise hit of the fall: Gravity. They also discuss the new trailers for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, Need for Speed, and Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit and recall their favorite theatrical 3D experiences.

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The Real Fans are back with special guests Josh Shipley, Scott Hopkins, and Michael Lyons to usher in the Halloween season by discussing their favorite animated Halloween specials and celebrating the 1967 Rankin/Bass classic Mad Monster Party.

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This week, the RF4RM crew examines and debates the latest and greatest in haunted house horror: Insidious and Insidious Chapter 2. There's also just enough time to take a look at the trailer for the forthcoming Robocop remake.

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Join the Real Fans as they hop in the DeLorean, go 88 mph, and travel back in time to celebrate and dissect the Back to the Future trilogy in extensive geeky detail. Then stick around to hear recommendations of other excellent time travel movies.

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The RF4RM scumbags finally chime in and dissect the internet-shattering announcement that Ben Affleck will be donning the cowl as the silver screen's next Batman. They also celebrate the release of The World's End and look back on the entire Cornetto Trilogy.

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In this episode, the RF4RM crew review the new trailers for the Japanese version of Unforgiven and Muppets Most Wanted. They then roundtable Lee Daniels' The Butler and Kick Ass 2 and finish up by recommending some of their favorite movie anti-heroes.

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The RF4RM scumbags are back! Andy, Roman, Jamie, and Leroy dive back in by dissecting the new trailers for The Monuments Men, Her, and The Counselor. They also take a trip to Elysium and examine the newest work of original sci-fi from director Neill Blomkamp.

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The dynamic duo of Andy and Roman take on the latest in Fox's long-running X-franchise: The Wolverine. They also discuss the trailers for 47 Ronin and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty along with discussing the current state of the blockbuster landscape.

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Join the RF4RM scumbags along with special guest Paul Shirey as they recap the highlights of Comic Con. Then stick around to hear them celebrate the release of The Conjuring and some of their favorite supernatural horror films.

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Join the RF4RM crew on this special episode dedicated to the news from Comic Con that Superman and Batman will finally be sharing the silver screen in 2015. There is geeky speculation, discussion, and even a wish list for which actor should be the next to don Batman's cape and cowl.

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Join the RF4RM crew as they marvel at the epic robot/monster action in Guillermo Del Toro's Pacific Rim. They also take a look at the new trailers for Saving Mr. Banks and Oldboy, give a sneak peak of Fruitvale Station, and recommend some of their favorite giant monster movies.

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This week, the RF4RM crew play catch up by discussing the new trailers for Jobs and The Boxtrolls, review The Heat and The Lone Ranger, and recommend some of their favorite buddy films.

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It's Independence Day and what better time to look back on the very first summer blockbuster: Steven Spielberg's classic Jaws! Join the RF4RM crew as they travel back to Amity Island and look back at this immortal film. They also chime in on the planned Terminator reboot, all the news around the current Spider-man franchise, and their favorite patriotic films for the 4th of July.

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The day the RF4RM scumbags have waited for is finally here: Man of Steel has soared into theatres! Join the crew as they discuss the good and the bad of Superman's latest cinematic adventure. We also get the first live report from an in-person RF4RM meet-up, discussion on the new trailers for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug and Anchorman 2, and quick reviews of Monsters University and This Is The End.

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As Man of Steel inches ever closer, the RF4RM scumbags are joined by special guests Thomas J. Wagner and Kevin Vincent to look back at Superman II! They also discuss the trailer for Insidious Chapter 2, give reviews of The Purge and The Internship, and recommend their favorite superhero sequels.

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Before Man of Steel flies into theatres, join the RF4RM scumbags and guest Josh Shipley as they look back on the superhero movie that started it all: 1978's Superman: The Movie! They'll also review Now You See Me, discuss trailers that were better than their movies, and their favorite superhero movies of all time. So put on your cape and enjoy the show!

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It's Memorial Day, one of the biggest moviegoing weekends of the year! So after you're done with your BBQ, relax with the RF4RM scumbags as they talk the big releases of the weekend: Epic, The Hangover Part 3, and Fast & Furious 6! We also hit on the new trailers for Man of Steel, We're the Millers, and The World's End.

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After 52 trailers and 87 clips, Star Trek Into Darkness finally hits theaters and the RF4RM scumbags are ready to geek out. Join the guys with special guest Trekkie Leroy Mack as they dissect the new film along with some of their favorite Star Trek films of the past.

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In this week's episode, the RF4RM scumbags welcome special guest Samantha Bell as they dissect the Movie Event of The Summer (for women) The Great Gatsby. They also discuss the new trailers for Gravity, Ender's Game, and Captain Phillips. They promo the short film The Shooting Star Salesman which makes it's Los Angeles premiere Saturday, May 18th at the Reel Rasquache Art and Film Festival. Finally, they also recommend some of their favorite classic literary adaptations.

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The summer movie season finally kicks off with Iron Man 3! Join the RF4RM scumbags this week as they argue over the merits and failings of Tony Stark's latest cinematic outing, some handy movie apps, and their favorite comic books movies from before 2000.

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The summer movie season is upon us and there are ton of movies to choose from. In this episode of the RF4RM Podcast the Real Fans Crew give their thoughts about some of the more highly anticipated movies of the season like, Man of Steel, Star Trek: into Darkness, Turbo, The Conjuring, & Iron Man 3, and try to guess the final domestic gross each film will tally at the box office. Who was right? Who was wrong (probably Guy Milks)? Also, a new trivia question is given and we give a special shout-out to the "Un-Official Universal Orlando Podcast" (@UUOPodcast) and Sam Bell (@SammiBell) for correctly answering last weeks trivia question.

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This week's Movie News and New Trailers includes Disney's The Lone Ranger, fan favorite Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Star Trek: Into Darkness and, of course, Man of Steel. In the Movie Review Rountable the RF4RM crew discuss Tom Cruise's new summer blockbuster, Oblivion, and finish up episode #5 with Tom Cruise movie recomendations. Is our pick on your list?

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Warner Bros recently released a new trailer for the highly anticipated Superman reboot - MAN OF STEEL. In this special episode of the RF4RM Podcast the crew totally geek out about the film and discuss it frame by frame. Enjoy!

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Is the new Jackie Robinson film, "42", a homerun or a strikeout? The RF4RM Crew discuss the film's merits and short-comings. New trailers for Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters and Elysium starring Matt Damon are also discussed. Finally, in keeping with the baseball theme the RF4RM Crew offer their favorite baseball movie recommendations.

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In this horror inspired episode of the RF4RM podcast the crew discuss the new Carrie, and The Conjuring trailers. Plus, Jurassic Park 3D and the Evil Dead re-make captivate our hosts in this week's movie roundtable. Finally, the crew give their recommendations for notable and favorite horror remakes including The Ring, The Thing, Body Snatchers, The Fly and more.

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In their sophmore episode the RF4RM Crew chat about new the new Kick Ass 2 trailer and the upcoming films, Wolverine & Evil Dead. The Crew then takes a closer look at Olympus Has Fallen and G.I. Joe: Retaliation in this episode's Movie Review Roundtable. Finally, the Crew discuss 80s/90s Die Hard rip-off films. Is your favorite on their list?

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The world premiere episode of the RF4RM Podcast: Where every opinion matters even if t's wrong. In this episode the RF4RM Crew discuss news and rumors surrounding the highly anticipated Man of Steel, G.I. Joe: Retaliation and Iron Man 3. The crew also give their review of Disney's OZ: The Great & Powerful. Finally, suggestions for the perfect St. Patricks Day movie are given.

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